• Mon, 26th June 2023
    2023 Address Good morning again Firstly, I am very pleased to be here, many of you will remember that my poor health prevented me from attending last year’s meeting, little did I realise at the time just where that would lead. I am indebted to my Deputy, Ill Kt Jim Mulligan for standing …
  • Wed, 3rd August 2022
    Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund Please see letter from the Charities Finance Manager at Mark Masons’ Hall
  • Sun, 15th May 2022
    Divisional Sunday Lunch Following two ‘false-starts’ due to COVID restrictions, the West Midlands Division was finally able to host a Sunday Lunch at the Wishaw Sporting Ground, Sutton Coldfield. A total of 80 people assembled to enjoy a wonderful carvery in unique surroundings. Members, their wives and partners travelled from all over the …
  • Fri, 25th February 2022
    Buddy Bags Foundation Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund – It’s in the Bag! Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, the Intendant-General and Ill Kt Jim Mulligan, the Deputy Intendant-General, for the West Midlands Division of the Red Cross of Constantine, recently visited the Buddy Bags Foundation to present a cheque for £2500 or …
  • Fri, 18th February 2022
    The High Riders Letter of thanks Worthy Knights please see the letter of thanks received from THE HIGH RIDERS of Solihull for the recent grant awarded by the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children